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EntireTech Group Home Technology Services

EntireTech has a group of IT professionals with extensive technical knowledge. Our skills are available to help you with all your home technology needs.

Computers, laptops, Servers Sales:

Whether for your personal home use or home based business. EntireTech offers the perfect fit for computer sales. Unlike the big box stores that stock user grade computers with standard out of country phone support,  1 year warranty's and are not easily upgraded. EntireTech will consult with you to specify the perfect fit computer for your exact needs no matter how great or small. Our computers will be professional grade with 3 year in the United States phone support and we will handle any warranty work at our local computer center for quick resolution to any unforeseen hardware issues.


Computer, laptop, Server Repairs and Services:

EntireTech will come to your home to support all of your computer repair needs. 

  • At home or remote access evaluation and repairs.
  • Virus, adware, spyware removals
  • Memory upgrades
  • Harware upgrades
  • System clean ups
  • Performance evaluations and enhancements
  • Set up onsite backups
  • Set up offsite backups (disaster recovery)
  • Synch data with other devices
  • Cloud services
  • Set up email
  • Software installation
  • Software training

Networks and Wireless (WiFi) Networks and Security:

Call EntireTech to set up a new network at your home, set up a wireless network, troubleshoot an existing network or evaluate and enhance your network security. We can run new network cables through walls and floors, set up wireless connectivity for your printers, phones, game consoles, smart TV's and much more!

Audio/Visual Services:

Do you have a television, stereo, or any other audio visual component you need installed and set up? EntireTech technicians will professionally support you with expert solutions for wall mounting, cable runs, power sources and more! Making your home entertainment dreams an affordable reality.

All other in-home services: Contact EntireTech today about any in-home technology service or support you require. Call 484-786-8049 and we will be glad to assist you!


EntireTech  designs and deploys solutions that help in maintaining your business operations, at all times. Our business continuity solutions expedite your companies ability to recover from a disaster or unexpected event and speedily resume operations.

EntireTech understands that your business critical information and operations must be retrievable in the event of a disaster, In most cases a comprehensive onsite and offsite backup solution is effective enough for small companies. Swappable drives and work stations may be a needed in addition for other types of operations. Rest assured that EntireTech will design and deploy disaster recovery solutions that make sense to your operations requirements and your bottom line. 

 We support you at every stage, including:

 Planning, and training.

  • Establishment and monitoring of key metrics including the time is takes for your system to be up and running in the face of a disaster.
  • Creating a disaster recovery committee and assigning an auditor.
  • Proper documentation.
  • Support strategies.
  • Data backup.
  • Communication.
  • Personnel backup.

 Rely on EntireTech for all aspects of event prevention, detection and restoration. 

Our services include:

 Identifying, developing and testing operational continuity.

  • Superior data protection services.
  • Enhanced data backup, storage and recovery.
  • Expertise in Storage Area Network (SAN) technology.
  • Recovery of Microsoft Exchange, Windows, SQL, and file servers.
  • Procedures and resources.
  • Offsite data and system replication.
  • Cloud and hybrid cloud storage and recovery solutions.
  • Security, document, change and audit management.

With a clear disaster recovery plan that includes people and systems to ensure business as usual, you can proactively secure your operations and data and strengthen your IT infrastructure before disaster ever strikes. The result? Limited down time, reduction in stress and no panic or crisis management even if an event occurs.

Entire Tech Group Business Class EmailHaving a web presence is much more than than just having a business website. Sustainable benefits from your web presence must include custom email, domain name management, DNS managment, database management, social media marketing and a mobile website.

At Entire Tech we provide a full service solution where we manage and synchronize all of these elements without the need to purchase any hardware or additional licenses.


Web Services that we offer:


  • Web hosting with standard email
    • Choose Linux or Windows OS
    • Up to 1,000 standard 1GB email accounts
    • MYSQL databases on demand
    • Automated scripts (CRON)
    • FTP access
    • Supports Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal CMS
    • Scalable space and bandwidth
  • Web design
  • Managed DNS service with CloudFlare 
  • Domain name registration
  • Mobile websites
  • Digital public relations (Facebook)

it servicesEntireTech takes the worry out of the health of your network. With remote monitoring we can virtually replace reacting to issues with proactive solutions that increase the health and up time of your operations.

EntireTech provides you with the peace of mind that your network is being monitored. We use professional tools to effectively manage and monitor your companies network and alert when problems occur on your network. We monitor to identify both actual and potential network problems and we isolate issues, provide warning of potential service problems, and enhance up-time for your employees and customers. Most issues can be resolved remotely and, if necessary, we will send expert field techs to your location immediately.


Workstation monitoring, server level monitoring, network monitoring and onsite monitoring are available to suit your businesses needs.


Types of monitoring customized to suit your needs.


  • Workstation
  • Server
  • network
  • Web
  • 7X24 up/down monitoring
  • 7X24 Alert Responses – based on agreed upon alert procedures
  • Monthly Outage & Performance Reports
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Storage of Switch / Router / Firewall configurations
  • Trends Analysis
  • Central management station(s) and configure thresholds and parameters to provide:
  • Management and monitoring of critical network operating parameters
  • Management and monitoring of file server and network device performance
  • Failure prevention of business-critical systems
  • Prediction of component failures
  • Monitoring of infrastructure equipment
  • Remote problem resolution
  • Quick recovery from failures
  • Monitoring of backup jobs
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