Entire Tech Cyber Students

  • Personal computer with keyboard and mouse - All current makes and models are available. We recommend HP and Lenova business models for their high quality, 3 year warranty and servicability. We are an Authorized Service Provider for HP and Lenova.

  • Laptops are available in all current configurations from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Lenova, HP, etc.

  • Monitors = All current models are available. The best values currently are found in 17" LCD models from Acer and AOC.

  • Printers - All current models are available, we recommend Lexmark and HP.

  • Necessary Cables - USB and Ethernet cables.

  • Wireless Network Interface Cards (when needed).

  • Speakers

  • Head Phones with Microphone

  • Web Cam

  • USB Flash Drive (custom monogram service available)

  • Special needs devices for physically challenged students.

Start-up costs per student vary widely depending on the type of computer chosen and options and peripherals selected. While a detailed quote on this price is difficult without having more specifics, a reasonable and reliable ball park estimate is in the range of $1,000-$1200 per student. This would include a PC or Laptop plus all of the above peripheral items, the intial imaging of the computer, application of your management protocol and shipping/delivery to the end user.

Maintenance costs on returned machines including re-imaging, evaluation, cleaning and repacking, storing (if required), updating asset management database and shipping of all components to thenext end user will typically run from $150-$250 per system. In addition to the products already mentioned, we are also ready to outfit all of the IT needs of your staff including custom configured servers, switches and the appropriate computer equipment for instructors and administrators.