Combine Exchange with Business Class email and SAVE!

Exchange Hybrid is the smart way to handle email users with different needs, while saving money. Power users get the robust features of Microsoft Exchange, while casual users enjoy affordable, Business Class Email - all on the same domain! Integrated platforms and unified management make Exchange Hybrid an easy choice.


Exchange Email for Power Users

Exchange delivers enterprise-level features including 3 tiers of spam and virus filtering sync, Outlook for your desktop, web, or and mobile device, public folders, one-way Active Directory Synchronization, and resource mailboxes. Employees can collaborate across the hall or around the world using shared calendars, global address lists, tasks, and notes.


Business Class Email for casual users

Our Business Class Email provides casual users email with all the features you need, at the price your budget requires. Your staff gets desktop access through Microsoft® Outlook®, plus webmail and mobile access, 3 Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus scans, and more.


Compared to using Hosted Exchange alone, a 50-user company can save 40% by moving half its users to our Business Class Email.

Need Help Configuring your Email?

If you are not sure how to set up your email client or phone to send and receive email, we have provided an online tool to guide you in the right direct. All you need is your email address on our system and your password.